Frequently Asked Questions


What about insurance?

Insurance is covered by program policy.

What waivers are required?  

A farm waiver and photo release are required.

What is expected for parent involvement?

Potential discounts are available for parents who assist with specific program responsibilities.

Can older or younger siblings participate?

Parents who are signed up to assist with specific duties of the program will be able to bring and oversee children below 6 years of age. Teacher Assistants will be recruited among older siblings.

What is the Code of Conduct?

Families agree to a general statement of Code of Conduct. Should there be a lack of compliance, the program has the right to release the children from the program.

Do you enroll children with learning differences or behavioral challenges?

Luciole embraces that every child can learn, no matter their strengths and weaknesses. We will do everything we can to provide for an enriching experience for all children. However, Luciole is not able to accommodate all physical and behavioral challenges. These will be evaluated by a case to case basis.