Why Luciole?


Fireflies are mesmerizing.  A number of us spent many evenings as children chasing twinkling lights dancing at dusk as the warmth of summer washed over our skin. These little creatures ignite a sense of wonder and a sweet connection to simple, beautiful treasures found in the everyday.

Fireflies also remind us of the nature of children. They do not light in the same rhythm. Each has its own pace and space and shares its own special illumination as it inhabits its environment.

Every child has a light within him that is ignited and grows. Each mind and heart has great potential, no matter the stride or the space needed to learn and develop. Each person can learn and can contribute wonderful traits that are unique to him or her as service to their family, community and world.


This is the vision of Luciole:


This is the vision of Luciole - to spark within young hearts and minds the sense of wonder and awe and to help children develop their character and voice to reach their potential, each at their own rhythm. We walk alongside you as the parent and primary teacher and guide for your child, in fanning the flame of delight in what is beautiful, good, and true.

We do this by offering engaging learning opportunities two days a week. This is done in small groups in a sheltered outdoor setting.


What makes Luciole unique?


Location: Situated on a sustainable organic farm, with opportunities for families to learn more about simple living

Customized learning experiences: Enrichment instruction tailored to participants

Coordination with at-home instruction: Program dovetails with approach and content parents are using with children at home

Unique activities:  Hard to duplicate learning experiences, including language classes

Staff: Structured discovery with professional educators; founder has been trained by first generation Charlotte Mason educator

Student/ teacher ratio: Small group setting with average student/instructor ratio of no more than 12:1

Support effective home instruction: Program allows parents to concentrate on fewer learning elements  at home and thus be more effective

No take home work:  Promotes maximum engagement for at-home instruction